Contact Lenses Consultation


lens on fingerAt Hope Valley Opticians, we provide a wide range of contact lenses including daily disposable soft contact lenses, monthly wear soft lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses. Contact lens technology has developed hugely in recent years. In particular, advances in silicon-based materials mean that modern lenses are much more breathable and hydrated than ever before. That makes makes them healthier for your eyes and more comfortable for you to wear. Contact lenses can correct a number of eye conditions giving you clear vision at all distances without the need for glasses. Innovations in lens design mean that even if you have astigmatism or need varifocals, you can still expect great vision from contact lenses.

If you’d like to find out if you are suitable for contact lenses, why not book in for a contact lens consultation? This involves discussing the best lens options for you and your lifestyle, as well as checking the health of the front of your eyes and the quality of your tears. Before committing yourself, you’ll be able to try out some trial lenses. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable handling the lenses before you leave the practice. A few days later, we’ll arrange a review appointment to check you’re happy with the vision and comfort of your lenses.